about The Franciscans

Secular Franciscans of Roseville Michigan

- Is God Calling You? -

Who are Secular Franciscans?

The SFO is a secular movement established by St. Francis of Assisi more than 800 years ago. Our purpose is to bring the gospel to life where we live and where we work. We look for practical ways to embrace the gospel in our lives and try to help other to do likewise.

You too, can become a life-time member of our family – if God is calling you.

Enhance your spiritual life; serve through apostolic ministries; continue your education in faith and the Franciscan Movement!

What do Secular Franciscans Do?

Secular Franciscans follow the SFO rule that requires us to spend time in community with our Franciscan brothers and sisters.

We gather monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 P.M.

We support each other through the ups and down of daily life. We pray together. We take opportunities to learn about our Church, our community and our world.

Our rule mandates that we be involved in apostolic ministries and with youth. When we are called to action, we embrace the call joyfully. Some of us are religious education teachers; some have made a commitment to Perpetual Adoration. Some work with the poor and homeless.

As a fraternity, we take action on issues that affect the lives of others. We do letter-writing campaigns in response to social justice issues. We support the efforts of our brothers and sisters who are serving the poor and lepers half-way around the world.

Is the SFO for you?

If you have a Franciscan vocation, your probably have a desire to do something more. Perhaps you feel a need for support in growing spiritually. Or, deep down, you sense a need to serve God in a special way. Or, for years, you have felt an affinity with St. Francis. He seems to pop up all around and you just don’t know why. Perhaps, God is calling you!

Getting to know the SFO better may be a way to determine if you have a vocation.

You’ll have plenty of time to get to know us before you make any commitment. The SFO requires three months of orientation and six months of inquiry. During that time, you’ll come to our monthly gatherings and have a few informal classes.

Is God calling you to walk in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi?